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Litigation Support Specialists
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Barb Smith, Paralegal/Owner
I have been a paralegal for 26 years and a martial arts instructor for 23 years.  With a military background and the added discipline of martial arts, I am extremely organized, dedicated and passionate about my work.  My strengths arise from a strong trial litigation background of Personal Injury, Medical Malpractice and Section 1983 Civil rights cases; however, I have practiced in just about every area of law.  I am dogged about pursuing tasks and, as one attorney I know put it, "fearless."
About Litigation Support Specialists
Litigation Support Specialists offers services to Washington, Idaho and Oregon but would happily assist your out-of-area firm with your legal needs.  Other companies may offer similar services, but our services are the best, and come with a personal touch. 
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Committed to helping our customers achieve their goals
We have backup and overflow help available.  Resumes, writing samples and references are available upon request.
Why We Do What We Do
In the changing world of litigation, it is hard to keep up with evolving technology.  High costs of overhead to maintain employees have driven law firms to operate on a minimum amount of manpower, yet still maintaining the same case load while the ability to settle those cases has become increasingly difficult and less profitable.  Many attorneys now work constantly with little to no vacation or family time, or boundaries of having a "normal" work schedule.  Many of our paralegals have worked for both large and small firms and experienced the same problems.  The owner of our company (below) believes that there is no reason someone cannot be successful and have a life too.  Based on this belief, this company was founded in 2006, one paralegal at a time, with the mission statement of providing quality, efficient services to solo practitioners and small law firms to enable their attorneys and staff to have a successful, less stressful life.
​Our team is absolutely amazing!  Each of our subcontractors have over 20 years' experience in brick-n-mortar law firms and their own special talents.  Combined, those talents and experience provide our clients with a formidable knowledge base and expansive resource for practice enhancement, litigation support and law practice expansion.