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Litigation Support Specialists
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Hiring a Virtual Paralegal is a win-win situation. 
 Your workload and stress level are reduced, you maximize your client's funds, and you improve your quality of life.
Maximizing Your Personal Injury, Medical Malpractice or Wrongful Death Case
Our PI Virtual Paralegals are competent and compassionate.  We humanize settlement demand packages making your client's losses clearly and acutely felt by the adjuster, defense counsel, third party or UIM adjuster.  Our settlement demand packages are professionally prepared and bound with not only the necessary documents such as accident reports and medical records, but expertly prepared medical expense summaries, medical chronologies (when necessary) and an in-depth demand letter outlining the Plaintiff's medical treatment, theory of liability and case law supporting, investigation, loss of consortium issues, past medical history, current condition and/or disabilities, daily living restrictions, lost wages, future damages and any other losses that may be applicable.  Our settlement demand packages set the stage for settlement dialogue without having to root through the file.  Our packages and summaries are so thorough that they can be easily converted into Mediation or Arbitration Memorandums, or can be used to prepare for your client's deposition or any court proceedings that may follow in the event settlement negotiations are not successful.

​Do you have those few "little" cases that linger in your file drawer?  They are ready for demand packages but they are last on the list but the client keeps calling.  We can even help you on the small cases.  Often times, the smaller cases take more time and more settlement effort than the larger ones because the damages are not as clear.  Our paralegals are experienced with the insurance companies' "deny, delay, defend" tactics and specialize in "minor impact", "no damage no injury" and "MIST" cases.  We will produce a full demand package inclusive of the 43 settlement value enhancement factors that insurance adjusters look for and "plug into" their computers.
"Many functions lend themselves to being performed virtually including that of a paralegal.  A virtual paralegal still works under the direction of an attorney, the main difference being that a virtual paralegal works from a remote location, on a contract basis rather than as an employee.  A virtual paralegal enables solos and small firms to take advantage of the economy that effective use of a paralegal can provide to a practice on an as-needed basis."  (emphasis added) - American Bar Association - "Outsourcing for Small Firms and Solos:  Virtual Paralegals"

There are an infinite number of reasons to have a Virtual Paralegal at your fingertips.

As Virtual Paralegals, we are business owners not temps vying for a permanent position.  We have put our time, money and sweat into our company and we want your repeat business and your referrals.  Our goal is to grow our business, so we have a vested interest in the quality of work that we provide to you.  Our paralegals are highly experienced, specialized, extremely competent and knowledgeable.  Most of us are perfectionists which is reflected in the superior quality of our work-product.

We can save you and your firm a considerable amount of money.  Our clients only pay for the time we spend on a project with no interruptions which makes for a faster turn-around time.  You save money by not being responsible for our office space, office equipment, vacation and sick time, health insurance, taxes and many other costs of a full-time employee.  It is much more cost effective to pay for the services that you need WHEN YOU NEED THEM.  On average, an employer spends 26% of the employee's total compensation in employer-provided benefits.

We are there for you when you have more work than you can handle but not enough to justify hiring an employee.  Establishing an ongoing relationship with our paraprofessionals assures you reliable, quality support whenever you need it.  It is as simple as a phone call or e-mail.

Our firm highly values confidentiality.  We are very careful not to engage in any type of unauthorized practice of law.  We take our ethics very seriously because our business depends on our reputation in the community.  

Our server is protected with a sonic wall.  All files are turned over to you after completion of the project to ensure client confidentiality.  We are careful to ensure there are no conflicts of interest.  We also keep up with new case law as well as changing laws, rules and procedures.  We have hundreds of forms available to us or we can use yours and we have secure and reliable backup and overflow support available as well.

So, you can see some of the general benefits to hiring a Virtual Paralegal.  Now let's talk about you.
For the Solo Practitioner
For the Law Firms
Many solo attorneys do everything for themselves.  While that may be an initial budget requirement to get your solo practice started, you should consider a Virtual Paralegal partnership as soon as possible.

Wouldn't it be nice to get your life back?  How many times have you had to miss your son's softball game or your daughter's dance recital due to your work load?  Or had to cancel dinner with your significant other in order to work late into the evening?  Or maybe you have wanted to check out that new restaurant or join a hiking club but just could not commit because of your unpredictable schedule?  Let us lower your stress level and lighten your heavy load.

​You can save your clients money as well.  Many tasks can be completed by a Virtual Paralegal who charges much less than the attorney's normal billing rate.  You will look like a hero to your client.  Your valuable attorney time and energy can be focused on other client work at normal billing rates.

By hiring us as your Virtual Paralegal, you save costs:  Payroll taxes, employee benefits (holiday pay, sick leave, vacation pay, health and life insurance, 401k or other retirement benefits, professional dues, training expenses, coffee breaks), personal phone calls, overtime, office and parking spaces, ferry fees, computer hardware and software as well as other office equipment, and routine office supplies.

It is also nice to get a fresh perspective.  One of the drawbacks to being a sole practitioner is that you have no one to bounce ideas off of or brainstorm with.  All of our Virtual Paralegals have vast amounts of experience and knowledge - most of them over 20 years a piece.  We come in with a fresh set of eyes and ideas.
Our Virtual Paralegal time can be billed at a higher rate than the contract rate that we charge.  How much do you bill in your Retainer Agreements for paralegal time?  $150 per hour?  $175?  $200?  We guarantee our rates are much lower than that so working with us actually make you a profit!  We can help alleviate some of the workload from your permanent paralegals so they can meet deadlines, complete projects, focus on high priority tasks or go on vacation or maternity leave.

Establishing an ongoing relationship with our company assures you reliable, quality support whenever you need it.  As stated above, you only pay for the services you need.  We work without interruption or idle chitter-chatter with other employees. 

Now let's talk about specific areas of Law.
If you don't have a costly law document preparation programs such as Family Soft, the state mandated forms can be tedious and time consuming and frustrating to fill out.  Our paralegals can quickly and efficiently complete those forms for your Client so they can move on with their life.
Family Law, Small Estate Probate & More....
Other Services
Our firm offers a wide variety of services including but not limited to:  document preparation of all kinds, office organization, case file organization, process service, and a mobile notary.
Trial/Testimony Preparation
Preparing for trials, hearings and depositions can be a daunting task.  Our highly experienced Litigation Virtual Paralegals can prepare notebooks (or hanging file boxes) for trials and hearings, including exhibit notebooks, witness notebooks and other notebooks are required by you for trial or hearing all in accordance with local court rules. We can put our creative spirits to work by preparing exhibits and demonstrative evidence for trial. Services include, but are not limited to, oversize trial boards and Power Point presentations. We can prepare witness lists, exhibit lists, pre-trial orders, proposed jury instructions, findings of fact and conclusions of law, trial briefs, motions in limine and other pre and post trial motions. This will free you up to prepare and focus on your delivery of your case.
Discovery Development & Responses
Crafting initial discovery to the opposing party, or sifting through every document and piece of evidence in the case in order to respond timely to discovery requests takes up a large chunk of time.  Unfortunately, when done incompletely or incorrectly, the result can compromise your ability to prepare the case for trial, evaluate liability or fully realize damages for a potential settlement.  Evidence developed in discovery can set the stage for motions for summary judgment possibly negating the need to go to trial, or to decide liability so the trial is commenced on damages only.  Comprehensive discovery requests and responses dictate the path and subject matter of depositions.  As experienced litigators, our paralegals work with you to make sure all discovery is completely answered and all stones are turned to reveal the opposing party's litigation strategies.