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Litigation Support Specialists
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Fees & Costs
Fees are charged by the hour on a project-by-project basis or pursuant to the Virtual Paralegal Retainer Agreement and are payable by credit card, business check, cashiers' check or money order.  Payments made by credit card will be subject to a 3% processing fee.  Hourly rates vary, depending on the complexity of the assignment, and apply to hours actually worked in 15 minute increments.  Please contact us for a quote.  A discount is offered for Retainer Agreements which commence on a specific date and are continuous thereafter for the same date in monthly increments.  Payments will be due and payable for so long as the contract is in effect.  Retainer payments are non-refundable.  Unused hours do not carry over to the following month.

You will be billed for reimbursable expenses (which can be passed on to your client) such as postage, mileage, copies, court costs, filing fees, research fees, demonstrative evidence supplies, binding, etc.  Any amount over a previously agreed budget will be submitted for your approval first.

Consideration will gladly be given to a proposal for an arrangement custom-designed to the specific needs of your practice.

For our mutual benefit and protection, work will not be started before receipt of a signed contract specifically setting forth the terms of our agreement for services.  A deposit will also be required before work is commenced for a new client.  Any fees assessed for returned checks will be charged back to you.  A late fee of 5% will be charged for balances that are past due more than 29 days.
How We Work
​Call or e-mail us (or we can Skype) to discuss the parameters of your specific project and the time frame in which you need it completed.  The initial consultation is at no charge.  We work on a project-by-project, hourly or custom retainer arrangement remotely from our fully equipped offices.  After we have everything planned out, we will forward a Virtual Paralegal Retainer Agreement reflecting what terms we have agreed upon for our services and off we go!  Documents can be exchanged by secure e-mail attachments, USPS or FedEx.  We also provide on-site drop off and pick up service, meetings with you, your client, witnesses or to attend court proceedings in certain areas.
Personal Injury, Medical Malpractice and Wrongful Death Cases
​After we have gone through the initial process, your assigned tort paralegal(s) will review the case and then ask your client to complete a Confidential Client Questionnaire, specifically drafted to correspond with the case's unique facts and circumstances.  After follow up with the client, if needed, we will then confer with you to discuss any suggestions we may have regarding additional reports or information that would be beneficial to prove your client's case such as a forensic economic report, daily living activities assessment, further investigation, life care plan, narrative medical report to address future treatment or concerns, missing medical evidence, etc.

When all evidence has been obtained, we will prepare a Litigation Matrix which will include a special damages summary and medical chronology (we are very knowledgeable in medical terminology and conditions and have a nurse on-tap for clarifications).  We will then prepare your settlement demand package with professional binding of the records and exhibits supporting the document, along with a table of contents or produce an electronic copy in a format of your liking.  We can provide complete case management through our legal software, Abacus Gold.

Past the demand package stage?  Tort litigation is our specialty.  Witness preparation, trial/witness/deposition notebooks and exhibits, pre and post trial pleadings and case management.  We pride ourselves on being able to offer low-cost solutions to the high costs of trial preparation for solo practitioners and small law firms who just do not have the resources and manpower to achieve the desired result.
General Legal Services
​Our Virtual Paralegals are highly experienced in the areas they cover.  We provide legal document preparation and litigation support in many different areas of law, aspects of litigation and discovery processes.  Imagine being able to meet with your client on Monday for a family law issue, small estate probate, or civil litigation matter and have your documents ready for their review and/or signature by Friday (or earlier)!  Drafting discovery response, preparing for trial, legal research and organizing case materials can be time consuming and stressful.  Outsourcing is your key!